Your Investment is EssentialEach member-owner makes a world of difference.

We're able to open when we have sufficient buy-in from you,
the Salt Lake Valley community

About Ownership

Our goal is to open community-owned grocery that brings together local producers and consumers to cultivate a healthy community.

Benefits of being an Owner

Your investment launches a grocery store that:

  • Gives you peace of mind knowing that your food comes from humanely produced and sustainable sources
  • Improves the quality and quantity of locally produced food and other products
  • Provides a reliable source of organic and non-GMO foods
  • Supports farmers through fair trade practices
  • Guarantees a trustworthy source of health and nutrition information
  • Welcomes and celebrates every customer
  • Gives you control of the store through a stronger voice in product selection and election of the Board of Directors
  • Provides you annual refunds based on your patronage of the Co-op
  • Makes you eligible for our Cooperative Business Partner program, owner-only coupons, specials and discount days
  • Sends a strong message for sustainable practices to state and national policy makers

Why YOUR ownership is important.

Conceptual Image Final WCMBecause it is OUR store, our collective ownership creates the Co-op. Growth in the number of owners allows development to continue: 600 co-owners needed to look for a location; 750 co-owners needed to announce the location and launch the capital campaign; 1,100 co-owners needed to start construction; 1,500 co-owners needed to open the store! The dollars you invest as a member-owner build our community and help fund the start-up process. The more owner-based capital Wasatch Cooperative Market has, the less  we'll need to borrow and the sooner member-owners can receive patronage refunds.

How much does a member-owner share cost?

The cost of becoming a Member-Owner is $300.  It is a one-time equity investment in the Co-op, NOT a donation or an annual fee. There are a variety of payment plans available, starting as low as $15 a month!

Our ownership drive is in progress!

Here's how to invest:

1. Join online today

We offer a number of installment options for your convenience - online payments include a $10 processing fee. 
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2. Fill out the form online & pay in person or via check

Fill out the application online, then pay at a farmer's market, event, in-person, or mail checks to the PO Box address below
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3. Download and mail a Member-Owner Application

If you would like to use one of the payment plan options, fill out the form and mail the completed form(s). If paying by check, include your check for $300.00 made payable to:

Wasatch Cooperative Market, LCA
PO Box 4303
Salt Lake City, UT 84110

Please note: Your member-ownership cannot be completed without your signed application. If you have questions or need assistance, please email

Know your Bylaws! Download a copy of the bylaws.

WE’RE SEARCHING for a site now that we’ve reached 600 member-owners! On to 750 CO-OWNERS to announce a location with contingencies.

Current Ownership



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… and checks as well!