Our immediate visionOpen Salt Lake’s first community-owned grocery

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Open a community grocery to strengthen Utah’s local food economy and provide the highest quality goods patrons can trust from farm to shelf.

Our Mission

Wasatch Cooperative Market is cultivating a healthy community by bringing together local producers and consumers at your community-owned grocery.As Decided by the community

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History of the Wasatch Cooperative Market

Organizing the Wasatch Cooperative Market began in April 2009. We didn't have a name for our cooperative, yet, we were simply asking people if they wanted a community food co-op in Salt Lake City. The answer was overwhelmingly "YES!"

We had three community meetings in 2009:
April 18, May 30, and October 7.

Soon after the May 30th meeting we held a vote among the people interested via email to select a name for our member-owned cooperative grocery market ... and that's how we became the Wasatch Cooperative Market!

We have formed several committees to further the development of the Co-op and we need more participants. Contact us if you'd like to get involved.

The vision is GRAND! We imagine a day not far away where we have locations up and down the Wasatch Front, and thousands of member-owners!

Contact the Co-op at questions@wasatch.coop or by calling 385.355.5271.

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