January 29, 2013: Wasatch Cooperative Market Entices New Member-owners Tonight

by Austen Diamond

The Wasatch Cooperative Market will celebrate “The Good Life is Local” -- the connection between local growers and artisan cuisine -- tonight at Avenues Bistro for a membership drive.


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January 5, 2012: Wasatch Co-op's Catch 22: More members needed to make progress

by Austen Diamond

Ben Gaddis' piece of scratch paper has a list inked onto it: apples, lamb, cumin, potatoes, a few odd household items. In Gaddis' ideal world, he wouldn't be taking his list to a national chain grocery store, but to a store he jointly owns with community members. And Gaddis hopes that might become a reality within the next year.


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Fall 2010 (Issue No. 2, Fall 2010, page 6):Wasatch Cooperative Market

Edible Wasatch covers the Wasatch Cooperative's drive for member-owners.


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October 28, 2009: Utahns Forming a Grocery Cooperative

Nearly 40 members have signed up to be owners of a cooperative grocery store in Salt Lake City, with an opening-date target of fewer than two years. The co-op will focus on selling organic, sustainable and locally produced foods, said Alison Einerson, a member of the Wasatch Cooperative Market. Owner-members of the for-profit group are to receive annual refunds based on store profits and the amount of food they purchase.


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October 17, 2009: Feedback with Dave Cawley

Dave Cawley discusses the Wasatch Cooperative Market with Ben Gaddis and Alison Einerson.


August 27, 2009:Utahns Launch Grocery Cooperative

You could soon be a part-owner of a grocery store, and be earning dividends every time you go shopping for food. A group of Utahns is putting together the Wasatch Cooperative Market, a for-profit venture that would start with a location in the Salt Lake Valley and expand throughout the state from there. Alison Einerson, executive director of Local First Utah, is on the steering committee for the co-op. She spoke with KCPW's Jeff Robinson about the new venture.


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