Michael Jeppesen

One of my fondest memories as a kid in the late 70’s was going to the original Boise Co-Op. It was so different than going to the big chain stores.  First of all it was located in a tiny space in the historic north end of Boise, and we had to drive a ways to get there.  The Co-Op sold a lot of food items in bulk, which I had never seen before.  There were all these little brown paper sacks for people to put their bulk items in, and some of the “earthier” people would come in with their own containers to fill them up with organic rice, beans, and the like.  But my absolute favorite thing about going there was that I could get a vegetarian burrito on a whole wheat flour tortilla, mmmmm….damn they were good!  The Boise Co-Op has moved at least twice since then, but is in a much larger location.

I’m not sure if you can still get the veggie burrito there, but it is typically always on my list to stop by and do some shopping when I am there.  For me it is still special.  And here is why: The Co-Op is a manifestation of what a community really wants. There is much more connection with what is being stocked, and the choices the store makes are truly in unison with it owners….you and me!  Shopping at the Co-Op feels like an adventure.  Even though the store space may be smaller than the big chains, I find products that I would never find in the chains, and there are items that are often amazing.  I love the people that work at the Co-Op.  They really want to be there, they are super friendly and they care deeply about my shopping experience.  . 

I love good food and I appreciate the care that goes into the preparation of excellent products. A Co-Op places value on sourcing the best local/regional products. The entire “supply chain” process of getting a small vendor’s products to market is amazing and special.  These are just a few of the values I appreciate about what a Wasatch Cooperative market could be. 

After moving to Utah in 1992 for work, I met my wife Jill in 2003.  We have lived in Sugarhouse for nine years.  She is a massage therapist, and I sell and lease industrial real estate at my company IPG Commercial.  We love Salt Lake City, and can hardly wait for new “shopping adventures” at the Wasatch Cooperative!  Please join Jill and me as founding members to create something special and enduring.

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