Ben Jordan

Heya! I’m Ben Jordan, Treasurer of the Wasatch Co-op. I became involved with this project at one of the first community interest meetings in April of 2009. I’ve lived in Utah my whole life and had never experienced a true grocery cooperative. On our honeymoon two years ago, my wife Amy (also a Member-Owner) and I toured several cooperatives. There were posting boards with dozens of ‘thank you’ letters from local producers and community groups. In one case, crops had been purchased and given outright to a local food pantry. We saw demonstration kitchens, hand-painted murals, and patio cafes. The workers all loved their jobs and most had been there for several years. The shoppers said they trusted the produce and in many cases knew which farm it came from. There were plenty of requests or concerns posted about products and a response from the purchasing manager right alongside. Complete transparency. We didn’t see that at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

I see a need for democratizing our community food system, so creating a business that is controlled by the people who shop there is an easy choice. The Wasatch Co-op is a for-profit business: for the profit of all Member-Owners. As equal owners, we’re all accountable to each other and to our local producers. In just this start-up phase, we have demonstrated people power through a vote for the name of the business, the logo, and the Board of Directors. Moving forward, the Member-Owners have the power to guide policy, change our Bylaws, open more stores, give to community groups, nominate Directors to the Board, and join any of our organizing meetings.

Each stage of development is tied to a number of Member-Owners. We won a $10,000 grant that will help pinpoint a store location in Salt Lake City, but we might lose half of it unless about 300 more community members like you make the one-time $300 investment by June 2013. With payment plans as low as $25 per month, I hope you’ll join me and become a Member-Owner today.

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