Mark Molen

My name is Mark Molen. Almost three years ago I was fortunate enough to retire from many years working for a large investment firm. Since then I have considered myself a professional volunteer/environmental & community activist. Some of my volunteer activities include Intermountain Therapy Animals, Primary Children’s Hospital, Red Butte Garden, and the Salt Lake School District. I am also on the Avenues Street Fair planning committee. Other organizations I am involved with are Bioneers, Peaceful Uprising, Move to Amend Salt Lake, the Unitarian Environmental Ministry, Transition Salt Lake, and the Sierra Club. I am into physical fitness and am very careful about the foods I eat. I am very concerned about how the corporate industrial farm movement has changed the American diet and am a strong advocate for eating local and organic as much as possible. I joined the Wasatch Cooperative Market over a year ago after studying the benefits of participating in a cooperative venture to create a market for people who care about where their food comes from, how it is produced, and what is in it. I have been to the PCC co-op market in Seattle on several occasions and consider it the finest market I have been to, and my hope is to help create something similar here in Salt Lake.

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