Co-op Values

All cooperatives, worldwide, adhere to a core set of seven principles that are based on ethics established by member-owners of the Toad Lane Store, in Rochdale, England, in 1847. The seven cooperative principles are:

Open and Voluntary Membership

Democratice Member Control

Members' Economic Participation

Autonomy and Independence

Education, Training and Independence

Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Concern for Community


In 2014, Wasatch Cooperative Market adopted an additional set of Value Statements that define our unique values and behaviors for conducting business.

Community Building

A strong community contributes to the health and well-being of its member-owners, employees and the greater community with opportunities for interaction that promote respect, satisfaction, listening, and open and honest communication. We deliberately reach out to people of diverse backgrounds for member-ownership and employment. We respectfully listen and respond to the needs and concerns of our employees, member-owners, customers, farmers and other suppliers. We strive to provide fair compensation to farmers, suppliers and employees. We commit to being an integral part of our community.

Cooperative Business Model

We believe in the inherent advantages of businesses that are jointly-owned and locally controlled by the community and the empowerment that it enables. The Co-op strengthens the bonds between people who supply and use goods through the exchange of information and opportunities for direct contact. Rather than reward outside investors, the Co-op returns surplus revenues to its member-owners and reinvests in the Co-op. We build the cooperative business movement by networking with local, regional and national cooperative businesses and organizations.


Wasatch Cooperative Market believes that education and information are cornerstones of better decision-making. We provide education relevant to our mission, vision and values to member-owners, staff, suppliers, board of directors, and the broader community. We advocate for the health of our local food system.


Product choices affect the health and well-being of consumers, food workers, farm animals, and the earth. We give priority to products that are: fresh, organic, produced with environmentally sustainable methods and inputs, high-quality, locally produced, without animal cruelty, sourced from producers with fair employment practices, and have minimal packaging.

Store Design and Operations

Store design and operations contribute to the shopping experience, eating habits, and environmental stewardship. Our store exudes a welcoming sense by providing an appealing, satisfying and authentic experience. The interior is clean, pleasantly lit and fosters human interaction. Our employees are helpful and well-informed, and service is responsive to customers’ needs. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of the store through recycling, wise use of water and energy, environmentally aware material selection, and reducing food waste.


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